About me

I’m an illustrator, animator and graphics designer. I´m from Argentina and I live in madrid. 

In 2012, after I finished my degree in arts in the Universidad de La Plata, I went to Spain to do a master’s in illustration of children’s picture books in Madrid.

I worked in different areas of video and design. I seized this experiences to become a more comprehensive designer. Thanks to this path at the moment I know the topics that I like to work in and the kind of people with whom I like to do it. I like to work in human rights, feminism, education, politics, arts, media and literature. I like to work with respectful people that are passionate about what they do. 

I get involved in projects that I work on and it is crucial to me to work for a good cause.

Transforming a complex idea into visual concepts accessible to all is my specialty.

Being aware of the process of transforming my vision, perspective, philosophy about things, people, places, allows me to be more effective and convincing in the communication of ideas to others.

I have various interests such as painting, piano and dance that enrich my work on an artistic level.

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